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Monday, October 30, 2006

Still busy

This pair of socks that miss 4 is modelling are from the pattern that Katt designed called "Little Dublin".

The yarn is some that I got from the back room at Bendigo Woollen Mills when I was there last year.

The pattern is sooooooooooooooo easy to follow which is a credit to the designer.

This is the second set that I have completed for the soaring eagles project.

The yarn is Magnum Prints.

The glove pattern is from the Patons craft ideas for fetes knitting book and the beanie is from the ptons winter warmers knitting book.

These are very reliable patterns that are well used by me.

This set for the soaring eagles project is a combined effort.

The beanie was knit by the ever reliable Katt and the mittens were knit by myself.

The yarn is Red Heart and the patterns are from the same books as used above.

This pair of mittens are my first completed article for the India Mission Project that I am collecting for.

These items are for a young local lass to take to an Indian orphanage when she does her stint as a volunteer from the end of December.

As well as these projects I have almost finished my final set of mittens and beanie for the soaring eagles project and have also started making the snowdrop shawl from the Yarnharlots blog in the yarn that I acquired and blogged about in my last post.

I think that I've rambled on enough so until next time keep on knitting.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

This and that............

This is a pair of gloves and a beanie for the soaring eagles project that is being run at the moment.

Some of my SnB group are knitting gloves/mittens and beanies for a some of the children in need on this project.

This is the 1st set of 3 that I will be doing at this stage.

This hank of yarn is one of my latest acquisitions from the local tip shop.

It looks to be 2 ply with 1 thread being silk and the other cotton.

It is such a lovely shade of cream and it's also soooooooooooo soft.

I thought that it might look good knit into a very fine shawl if not for myself then for someone else.

This is a lovely crochet sun top that I made for miss 4.

The pattern is from a book put out in the 1960's and the yarn is cotton that I acquired from a friend when she gave me her stash as she doesn't knit or crochet any more.

As you can see it fits miss 4 beautifully and she can't wait until the summer gets here so that she can wear it.

I am looking for a few knitters to knit some small beanies, mittens/gloves and maybe some booties for youngsters in an orphanage in India.

A friends daughter is going to India at the end of December to volunteer with her church with the missionaries and I asked her mum if it would be ok if I asked my friends in blogland to donate a few knitted items for the orphans as when they get to India it will be winter.

The main ones that we are looking at knitting for are the babies and toddlers so as mentioned above we are looking at beanies, gloves/mittens and booties for these young children.

If you feel that you can help just drop me a line by email so that I can let you know where to send them. My email address is on my profile page if you are interested.

The date that the items will need to be with me is December 15th at the latest as I will need time to get them to my friends daughter so that she can pack them ready to go to India.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Some holiday pickies................

This photo shows the horse drawn tram at Victor Harbour.

The tram crosses the causeway to Granite Island which has a shop that sells some of the best fish and chips that I have ever tasted.

The fish that they used was caught fresh by the operators of the fish and chip shop (well it was when we ate there a few years back).

We missed the last tram to the island on this holiday but were there in time to see the last tram of the day as it arrived back at Victor Harbour.

Miss 4 got to pat this Clydesdale as well as the other 2 that had been working during the day we were there as they only work a maximum of 3 hours a day.

This is the Post Office/Council Chambers in Mount Gambier.

We only stopped so that DH could take this pickie but we ended up going in to Jen's for a lovely meal while we were there.

Jen's is to the left of this building across the road so if you are in Mount Gambier for any reason drop in for a meal as you won't be disappointed.

This is a lovely photo taken by DH of the remaining 12 Apostles.

The 12 Apostles are along The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

We have been there twice now and will definitely get there again as they are sooooooooooooo spectacular.

I must say that these 3 photos were taken by DH as I am not that good with the camera (besides my little camera won't take shots like these and I'm not willing to get out of my warm bed at 5.00am in the pitch black dark to take them).

There will be more pickies at a later date.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jumbled pickies

I finished this pair of socks while we were on holiday.

They were finally finished just before we started on the Great Ocean Road.

The yarn is Jigsaw and the pattern is from the ever reliable Patons Patonyle accessory book.

This yarn is some that I bought from Lincraft while in Melbourne.

I didn't find anything to buy at Lincraft while I was in the Marion store.

There doesn't seem to be the range of yarn there that they had in the Collins St store in Melbourne.

The 2 large 500g balls of acrylic only cost me $6.99 for the 2 balls and the orange Lana Grossa yarn cost $5.98 for 4 balls of yarn.

The Lana Grossa Cat is 50% Microviscose, 35% Merino and 15% Baby Alpaca and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft.

As I sold a pair of ladies gloves in the shop that Katt and I knit for I thought that I had better knit another pair,

The yarn is Cleckheaton 5 ply that was acquired when a friend cleaned out all her stash as she doesn't knit any more.

While in Adelaide Joan took me to a wonderful shop called Barb's sew and knits.

What a wonderful store with shelves absolutely crammed with yarn.

To the left is what I bought in this wonderful little shop.

Lana Grossa yarn with GREEN in it for a friend, Jigsaw yarn that I just had to start a pair of socks in when I finished the pair that was on the needles while on the train, Vogue Knitting Socks, and a set of Clover dpns in size 2.5mm.

This is the back of Miss 4 who is holding up a pair socks made from Opal Dreamcatcher 1231 that I finished knitting on the train.

I wasn't very happy with the way this pair of socks looked when they were finished so they are already in the shop that Katt and I knit for so that some lucky person can buy them to keep their tootsies warm next winter.

As well as these items I have today finished another baby jacket and I have also got the 1st sock of a pair of Doomsday socks almost finished.

The pattern is the one that's been given out for the "Sock Wars" that is running at the moment.

I will post some holiday pickies veeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sooooooooooooooooooooon.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Holidays, holidays, holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can guess by the title we have been away on holidays.

We flew from Tassie to Melbourne, picked up a rental car then went driving.

First we drove to the 12 Apostles via The Great Ocean Road. We spent a comfortable night at a lovely farmstay that was only about 3 km from the remaining 12 Apostles which pleased DH greatly.

DH took plenty (make that HEAPS) of pickies of the remains of the 12 Apostles at sunset and then again at sunrise the next morning.

On day 2 we stayed on the Great Ocean Road and drove to Mount Gambier via Port Campbell, Warrnambool and Portland.

This was a beautiful drive and the country was soooooooooooooo green.

We looooove Mount Gambier and Miss 4 looooooooooooooves feeding the possums at the Umpherston sinkhole after sunset. The possums are reeeeeeeeeeeally tame and eat out of your hand.

While there we had a lovely evening meal at Jen's Hotel/Bistro and the meal was absolutely ginormous and talk about delicious. Yummo.

Day 3 we drove from Mount Gambier staying on the Great Ocean Road. We drove through Millicent, Robe, Kingston SE and Meningie.

We crossed the Murray River at Wellington by ferry then drove South West to Victor Harbour and then finally North to Glenelg (a suburb of Adelaide) after finding that the horse drawn tram out to Granite Island had finished for the day.

We went on the tram on one of our previous visits to Victor Harbour and it was great. The fish and chips on the island were also some of the best that we'd tried.

This was a very long day as we traveled about 800 km taking about 12 hours with stops along the way.

On day 4 DH went to do his own thing (pickies at the zoo of course).

Miss 4 and I were collected by Joan and we went on a girls day out.

Firstly we went to Barb's to have a look at yarn. This was an experience as Barb has soooooooooo much in her shop that you don't know what to look at next. I indulged slightly and bought 2 balls of yarn (only 1 for me), the 1st Vogue Socks book and a set of Clover dpns (I think I should have bought more now).

Next we went to the Marion shopping centre which is a lot bigger than those that we have in Launceston. I only indulged slightly and bought myself some clothes and a few things for Miss 4.

We next went to Joan's and had a leisurely afternoon drinking coffee, looking at pattern books and walking along the beach. Miss 4 loved throwing the ball for Joan's dog Merle. He's such a character.

Day 5 we went into Adelaide and dropped off our hire car and had a bit of a look around.

The rest of the day and the next day and a half were taken up with a conference at the Stamford Grand right on the Glenelg beach. This was a wonderful venue and the food was scrummy.

After the conference finished after lunch on day 7 we went into the Adelaide Zoo and then had a semi early night as we had an early start the next day.

Day 8 was spent on the train traveling from Adelaide back to Melbourne. This was lovely and sort of relaxing (as relaxing as it can be with a 4 year old any way).

In contrast to the Great Ocean Road a lot of the country we passed through was very dry.

Day 9 we spent shopping in Melbourne (I got more yarn at Lincrafts) and then flew home on the late plane.

We had a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry busy time while away but we enjoyed ourselves which was the main thing.

What knitting got done I hear you say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I finished a pair of socks that I had on the needles and also knit another pair. On the train back to Melbourne I started yet another pair in yarn that I bought at Barb's but that is all.

Hopefully I will post a few pickies of completed projects and also some holiday pickies later.

Until next time keep on knitting.