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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A few FO's

This little pair of booties was a quick project to do as I wanted something simple to make that wouldn't take up a lot of knitting time.

The pattern was a freeby from The Black- spot-of-doom-light and the yarn also came from the same place.

I really like working with this yarn but if you are knitting larger projects it tends to go a bit fluffy at the bottom edge of your work.

I put these booties in the shop that Katt and I sell out knittwear at and they sold in no time.

This little baby outfit is for the new grandaughter when she grows into it.

The set comprises of a little jumper, trousers and beret.

The yarns are Magnum Prints acrylic and the white is acrylic that I bought in a 500gm balls at Big W.

The pattern was from one of the Australian Creative Knitting pattern books.

The jumper was supposed to have flowers embroidered onto it as well as other fancy work on the frilled edging but I think that it would have looked a bit overdone. (Less is more in other words).

This pair of socks is knit from one of my fave yarns.

They are made from Trekking XXL and the pattern is from my Patonyle Knitting Book that I won earlier this year.

This pair of socks was a birthday present for a friend who had shown an interest in some of my other pairs of socks that I'd made.

On the baby front little Jasmin is doing very well and is gaining weight at a good rate.

I can't wait to see her the next time to see how much she's grown.

On the needles at the moment I have 3 pairs of socks (all of them on the 2nd sock), a crochet baby shawl in 4 ply pure wool from Bendi, a childrens jumper and the never ending 4 ply scarf that's been my take along project for the last few months.

I just remembered I started a pair of white booties last night and finished them this afternoon as well so that's another finished project.

While at SnB on Tuesday Sharon bought along the Pony Pearl sets of needles that we had ordered through her and Katt bought along my new 5 balls of sock yarn that I had ordered through the Sockmonster. Woopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We (some of our SnB group)are having another dying time at my home next week so we should have a good time making a mess and also having a wonderful time with friends.

Until next time keep on knitting.


A few questions answered

Katt the colour of the Trekking XXL is 125.

Amanda I got the Trekking XXL from Sockmonster but it takes a loooooooooooooong time to arrive.

Until next time keep on knitting again.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

They're home

As the title says Aleeshia and little Jasmin have left the hospital and are home.

Jasmin had regained her birth weight and gained some by the time they left hospital on Monday. She weighed over 5 lbs by the time they left hospital and is still gaining weight quite well.

On the knitting front we had a quite rowdy SnB on Tuesday with lots of knitting and chatting going on.

I've finished yet another pair of socks this time in Trekking XXL. There will be pickies when they have been downloaded to the computer.

Little miss had her 4th birthday on Wednesday and is sooooooooo proud of the fact that she's now 4.

We are having a party for her today and hopefully the weather holds as we are having an outdoor party. If there's a shower there is a bit of cover at the venue which is good.

I've had a bit of a mind blank so if I think of anything else will post again later.

Until next time keep on knitting.