The Knitter's Last Stand

Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm still "ALIVE" and "KNITTING"

This beautiful little jacket was knit from a pattern that I got from elann.

It was a free pattern and is called a pinwheel sweater and is knit in Moda Vera Jazz.

I would say that it would fit from about a 3 month old baby to a 3 year old.

For a baby the jacket is turned one way and has a long collar and for an older child you turn it up the other way and it has a short collar.

Quite a novel idea and very serviceable.

The yarn that I used is verrrrrrrrrrrry soft as well.

This little jumper is one that I have knit a few times but not in this colourway.

I thought that the mauve would look very nice on the buttery yellow and I was right.

The yarn is Patons Feathersoft 8 ply and as the name says the yarn is sooooooooo soft.

I looooooooooove the pattern for this little hoodie.

I have knit 2 of them so far (see another one below) and I have another one on the needles.

The pattern is from the book titled Panda Baby Boutique and it is knit in 8 ply acrylic.

This pair of socks are knit Opal hand painted.

The colour is Rosehip and I just looooooooove the way that they turned out.

The pattern is my very trusty one from my Patonyle accessories knitting book.

These 2 lovely baby cardigans were knit from some of my yarn that i bought maybe about 10 years ago.

It was bought from the Wangaratta Woollen Mills way back when. (I don't know if they are still in operation. Maybe someone can leave a comment to let me know.)

The patterns for these two cardi's also came from the Panda Baby Boutique.

I have knit everything from this lovely little book and some patterns 4 or more times.

I have found the Wangaratta Woollen Mills who due to a merger became the Australian Country Spinners in 1991.

If you follow the clicky link it will take you to a page with a short history of this iconic Australian company. They even bought the New Zealand Sheperd wool brand.

These socks were a little of a challenge to make.

The pattern is "Reptilian Lace" from Knitty.

The main challenge was getting the beads onto the yarns before I started knitting.

They were also a bit slow to knit (sliding the beads down the yarns every few rows) but they were well worth it in the end.

If you can't see the colour of the beads properly they are gold which looks nice on the purple Opal Uni.

This pair of socks is knit in the "Rolling Thunder" pattern from knitty.

They are knit in Opal Petticoat and were a delight to knit.

The pattern gives the ladies size for the socks as well as a pattern for the baby socks below.

I found a small mistake in the baby sock pattern but is was easy to find for an experienced knitter.

This is delightful "Lambsie". I can't remember at the moment where I found the pattern but will let you know where from in a later post.

I knit it for my grand daughter Jasmin for Christmas.

He was knit in a multi yarn from the Spotlight range of acrylics.

This is the other hoodie mentioned above.

I gave this one to Jasmin just after Christmas and the colour looked really good on her.

The craft tally so far this year is 13 finished articles which includes 6 pairs of socks.

Ok that's all for now.

Until next time keep on knitting.