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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What's your scrabble score?

I found this while cruising Dandy's blog

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 13.
What is your score? Get it here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Knitting and stuff

This is a pair of toe-up socks that I finished way back in November. They are knit from Trekking XXL that I got from Sockmonster along with some other sock yarn. They are sooooooooo soft and the yarn was excellent to knit up.

This pair of socks was finally finished last night. They are knit from Opal Chameleon and the pattern was from the Christmas edition of Creative Knitting. It's a lovely pattern and is sooooooooo easy to knit.

To the left is myself wearing my new wrap that I knit from wool bought from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. The colour is Maize and it's a lovely warm yellow. The pattern came from the Summer edition of Creative Knitting and was a breeze to knit. My DD even wants me to knit her one now. (I think she should make her own as she's quite a good knitter.)

To the left we have my Lorna's Laces socks. The colour is Bittersweet and the pattern is the same as the Chameleon socks above. I looooooooooove this yarn. It is beautiful to knit with and the colour is sooooooooooo pretty.

I have counted up the number of articles that I completed last year. It was a grand total of 85 (yes that number is EIGHTY FIVE). Included in this number is 30 (yes your read it right, that was THIRTY) pairs of socks.

I haven't done a break down of the other articles that I made last year but there were a few jumpers, baby singlets, baby booties and scarves in amongst the tally.

So far this year I have 5 ( yes FIVE) finished articles and in amongst that are 2 of the above pairs of socks. It will be interesting when we get to the end of this year and see how many finished articles that I end up with.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Some finished baby items.

To the left is a pair of little baby socks from the Vogue Socks Two knitting book. The colour isn't really obvious but it's a very pale green that I get when the lovely Katt was destashing. Notice the pretty knitted item under the socks. More on that later.

To the left is a baby outfit that I made for a friend who is due to have a baby boy is about a months time. Again the colour of the yarn isn't very obvious as this outfit is a pretty turquoise colour.

This is a pretty pair of booties that I was asked to knit for a baby that is expected later this year. They were knit in 4 ply and were one of the easiest bootie patterns that I have ever knit. Notice the pretty knitted item in use again under the booties.

This pretty cardigan and pair of socks were made from yarn that Katt was also destashing. The pattern for the socks was in the Vogue Socks Two knitting book and the cardi pattern was in the Peter Pan 25 Year Celebration pattern book. The socks pattern was an 8 stitch repeat and the cardi was a 6 stitch pattern repeat so I just converted it to an 8 stitsh repeat and it fit the number of stitches perfectly.

Oh well the life of a knitter is never dull.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Friday, January 20, 2006

A reading we will go!!

As the title suggests I've been doing a bit of reading of late.

My left hand is quite sore (the doctor thinks it may be carpel tunnel syndrome so we'll wait and see what the specialist says) so I haven't done much knitting lately. Have you ever tried to knit with a splint on your wrist? It's quite difficult but it can be done. I know, as that's how I'm attempting to knit at the moment.

I have read 5 books so far this year but the last 2 have been really great reads.
They were :- Eleven on top by Janet Evanovich and
No place like home by Mary Higgins Clark.

I have read most of the books by these 2 authors so it was great that the library had the 1st one in stock and the other was leant to me by a friend.

I also have another 4 books here to read by Janet Evanovich that are romances but with a fair bit of comedy in them. What book by Janet Evanovich don't you have a giggle to while reading it?

I have started the 1st of the 4 romance books (Back to the bedroom) and am having a cackle to myself every couple of pages.

As well as reading I have done a bit of knitting. I've finished my Lorna's Laces socks and am onto the second sock of a pair using Opal Chameleon. Both these pairs of socks are using a lacy pattern from the last edition of Creative Knitting. I am also doing a little baby knitting as well.

I still haven't taken photos of a lot of my FO's so will have to get onto it so that I can post them on my blog. Some of my FO's have already been sold or put into the shop that Katt and I knit for and I was verrrrrrrrrrrry remiss and forgot to take pickies first.

Oh well it's time to go to bed and do a spot more reading.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Hi everyone

Just a quick post to say Hi and Happy New Year to everyone.

Hopefully I'll have a more newsworthy post in the near future with ? a few pickies of recently finished articles.

I should also post a final tally of last years FO's and also a tally of the pairs of socks completed last year.

Until I add up all the figures and take a few more pickies guess what I'll be doing? You guessed right. I'll be knitting.

I have 3 finished articles so far this year.

Until next time keep on knitting.