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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Meet Patsy

Patsy is my new friend in the sidebar.

Go have a play with her if you have the time.

Since we lost our treasured Tuppence our house has been lacking the presence of a cat and this is the next best thing to getting a new kitten.

Catch ya on the flip side.


Busy, busy, busy

I have been soooooooooooo busy with my knitting of late.

In the last few weeks I have made 11 items for orders. As yet the photos haven't been downloaded to the computer.

The ordered items were:-
1. A 2 ply cream baby singlet
2. A 2 ply cream baby jumper
3. A 4 ply cream baby cardigan
4. An 8 ply baby jumper
5. A pair of red ladies fingerless gloves
6. A pair of black ladies fingerless gloves
7. A pair of girls black fingerless gloves
8. A pair of teen boys grey fingerless gloves
9. A red and white toddlers beanie
10. A purple and cream beanie for miss almost 4
11. A pair of purple fingerless gloves for miss almost 4

The baby singlet was finished about a month ago and between that and the other orders I made hats, booties and mittens for a friends premmie twins.

The remainder of the orders were completed between May 6th and May 24th.
My fingers and shoulder were getting quite sore by the end of that time.

My tally of finished articles so far this year is 61 finished items and the number of finished pairs of socks is 14 pairs with a few pairs in progress at the moment.

While looking in my little book I also noted that I finished a long standing UFO on May 16th as well. I have taken a pickie but it is still in the camera (as usual) so will post it at a later date. This particular UFO had been waiting to be sew up for about maybe 4 1/2 to 5 years.

I have also started working again on another UFO that has been waiting to be finished for about 5 years.

The stash enhancement has been on the go again as I have some more sock yarn from the sockmonster as well as from the LYS (oops) and also some yarn bought at Waverley Woollen Mills when they had their recent open day sales.

Oh well I think I've rambled on long enough for now.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally....... the me meme

I have been meme'd by Katt!

I will gradually fill in the answers as they come to me.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. Try to use up more of my stash before more stash enhancement
2. Give startitis the flick (Ha, ha)
3. See my grandchildren graduate from school
4. Learn how to say "NO" when someone says could you knit me ......

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Drive a car (my eye sight just won't allow it)
2. Sit still with nothing in my hands
3. Say "NO" when someone says could you knit me ......
4. Go to a yarn shop and walk out with no new yarn

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Man:
1. His patience with me knitting all the time
2. His forebearance with my yarn buying habits (he even points yarn out to me these day)
3. He gives great cuddles
4. He cooks yummy poached eggs on toast with just the right amount of worcestershire sauce

Seven Books I Love:
1. Mean Streets Kind Heart - The Father Chris Riley Story ( What an inspirational man - I could listen to him talk for hours)
2. Uncle Whiskers by Philip Brown
3. Books by Mary Higgins Clark
4. Books by Janet Evanovich
5. Books by Erle Stanley Gardner
6. My Story (A child called "it", The lost boy and A man named Dave by Dave Pelzer
7. Books by Matthew Reilly

Seven Things I Say:
1. Settle down
2. Eat your tea
3. Sweet dreams (Ah! The childrens bed time is blissful)
4. Catch ya later
5. Love ya

Seven Movies I've Loved :
1. Titanic
2. Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze....yum)
3. Dances With Wolves
4. The Green Mile
5. Bicentennial Man

I will take some photos of my recent knitting in the near future and then post it sometime soon.

Until next time keep on knitting.