The Knitter's Last Stand

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jasmin and Isabella

This is an almost up to date pickie of Jasmin.

It was taken when she was 10 and a half months old.

She is almost 13 months old now and is almost walking.

This is a pickie of Isabella Jayne taken when she was only 2 days old.

She is almost a month and a half old now.

I will have to get some more up to date photos of the girls off hubby as he has some later ones on his camera.

I will have some more pickies soon of the girls and also of some knitting.

Until next time keep on knitting.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Drat, drat and double drat

I have been having a little issue with Blogger of late as it has not wanted me to log-in.

My password has not been working and when I click into the forgotten password box and I go through all the bizzo (and jump through all the hoops) that blogger wants me to do I type in my OLD password and the %$##~! thing works.............eventually.

I have been knitting frantically of late and have churned out copious amounts of finished articles but as yet all the pickies are still on the camera.

As well as all the knitting that I've done there are still pickies of our new (1 month old now) grand daughter on the camera.

Our daughter had another daughter on the 13th of June.

Her name is Isabella Jayne and she weighed 6lb 3oz and is just beautiful.

Next time I promise some pickies of Isabella (Izzy for short) and also some knitting pickies.

Until next time kkep on knitting.